What is eHealth?

After working for a number of years in the eHealth space, defining why eHealth seems to be a major challenge amongs a large number of healthcare actors.

The video below was shared to me by  Dr. Chris Paton, the IMIA Social Media Working Group Chairman and a close colleague, which nicely illustrates the concept of eHealth for newcomers to the field.

I hope you like it as much as I did. 

 What do you think? Does it do a good job at defining eHealth?

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Using Social Media in (Evidence-Based Emergency) Medicine: A Primer for Practitioners


Last Friday, I had the privilege of giving my first invited keynote at the Quebec Emergency Physician Association (AMUQ) Conference in the beautiful Montreal, Quebec.

Co-presenting with me, was my friend and Singularity University‘s FutureMed classmate, Dr. Christian Assad, who is a Cardiologist and techgeek (like me), so as you can probably imagine, we had a lot of fun talking with ER neophyites. Thank you Christian for your amazing support, its a privilege to have you as a co-presenter and a friend.

The presentation was a success and we may even be invited next year.

I hope you like the slides and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Ta ta for now!



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